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SomePlace Else, Hotel Sheraton, Warsaw, Poland


Find out how LED bar lighting has helped SomePlace Else to become a top Warsaw nightspot.
Bar lighting at Some Place Else with iColor Cove by Philips Lighting

We’ve applied
Philips lighting,

which is highly innovative, modern and at the same time energy-saving. There’s no better way to put SomePlace Else in the spotlight."


-Jakub Adamowicz, Technical Director, Sheraton

Exterior lighting of Some Place Else illuminated by Philips Lighting

Customer challenge


SomePlace Else is a nightlife location with spirit. This delightful bar and restaurant combines architecture and atmosphere from different eras including jazz and 1950’s rock ‘n roll. How could bar lighting contribute to the diner experience?


Philips Lighting exterior lighting solutions at Some Place Else, Warsaw

The right lighting 


The restaurant’s eye-catching exterior and distinct décor provided many opportunities for delighting guests. In order to turn architect Jacek Jaskóła’s team vision into reality, LED lighting was chosen. Sharp general lighting was used to welcome guests, while dynamic bar lighting was used to create tasteful effects around seating areas. Outside, modern exterior lighting was used to bring the façade to life.


To add some color to the restaurant, 300 iColor Flex Color Kinetics light points were installed. These fixtures create exciting light effects and animations, which can be varied for different seasons. In winter time, they can display warm, pastel colours and show the animations of a burning fire place. In summer, they can present graphics of flowing water, or ice sculptures bathed in cool crisp light.


The bar area is the centrepiece of the installation. The glass at the top of the bar gleams in multiple colors, projecting an air of rock ‘n roll charm. To achieve this special effect, 117 iColor Cove QLX Color Kinetics luminaires were used. The whole system is powered by lighting control application Philips Dynalite. Its special touch screen panel enables users to select a pre-defined light scene or change individual settings in seconds.

From the stunning glass exterior to the sleek and sexy bar lighting, SomePlace Else is delighting diners with its newly improved ambience.

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