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Royal Mail NDC,
Daventry, UK

Find out how LED warehouse lighting is saving energy at Royal Mail


Warehouse of Royal Mail NDC illuminated by Philips Lighting industry systems

The highly

LED technology delivers huge energy savings, reduces CO2 consumption and minimises maintenance costs without any compromise on light quality.”


- Mark Cavill, Energy & Building Engineering Services Manager at Royal Mail


Illuminating warehouse of Royal Mail NDC with energy-saving LED technology by Philips Lighting
Royal Mail NDC warehouse lit by high-bay lighting of Philips Lighting

Customer challenge


Royal Mail’s National Distribution Centre was optimizing its warehouse space. The 30-acre depot, which employs over 700 people, needed a lot of light. Could LED technology enhance the working environment while reducing energy bills?

The right lighting 

Lighting a large, high-ceilinged workspace required a practical solution. The system needed to be bright enough to provide clear visibility for the workers, without any uncomfortable glare. Royal Mail was also seeking high bay lighting that would bring in energy savings.

Gentlespace LED was the answer. This new LED luminaire is able to shine bright light from fewer light points than the previous setups, meaning reduced costs and lower energy consumption. The illumination it provides is gentle and welcoming, giving staff a comfortable working environment.

Philips, in partnership with Romec-BBTS, was able to install the new fixtures across the site with minimal disruption to day-to-day operations. The flat design of Gentlespace makes it easy to install without obstructing sprinkler systems and beams. The new warehouse lighting system is providing Royal Mail with energy savings worth £9,000 per year. This is the equivalent of 61,712 kg less C02.

The long lifetime of the LED lamps means that they will last for years before they require changing. Not only will this save money on maintenance, but noone will have to scale the high ceilings for a very long time.

Aiding productivity
with light

The Team

Royal Mail


Romec - BBTS


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