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LED lighting

in a climate controlled ceiling

Housing association
'thuis, Netherlands


A housing association offers its employees a 'roof' over their head with added value.

Offices at housing association 'thuis

When designing
our office,

we were certain about one thing: when you enter, you need to feel immediately at home."  


- Dennis Kerkhof, Real Estate Development Project Manager at ’thuis

Coffee corner at 'thuis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands
Offices at housing association 'thuis

Customer Challenge


In the first planning phase for the new building, the steering committee was not convinced about LED lighting. They thought it gave off an unpleasant cold light, and that we would need more light fittings than with conventional lighting solutions.

A meeting room at 'thuis in Eindhoven, The Netherlands

The right lighting


"So we had actually already written off LED lighting," explained Kerkhof. "That is, until we were given a tour of the Philips Lighting Application Centre (LAC). We saw office lighting that we really liked. No one realized that it was actually LED lighting. We were completely surprised and did a complete turnaround."


The fact that PowerBalance LED luminaires are now part of an Inteco climate-controlled ceiling is all to do with the apartments above the building, underfloor heating was not an option. This ceiling ensures optimal heating and cooling. And because Philips and Inteco have been working together for years now, LED light fittings such as the PowerBalance can be integrated perfectly alongside conventional light fittings.  


Thanks to daylight control and presence-sensing devices, this highly energy-smart LED solution saves even more energy. " There is a friendly atmosphere now, and thanks to the pleasant lighting, everyone feels immediately at home", said Kerkhof.

Philips PowerBalance



PowerBalance, the lighting used to make people feel at home at 'thuis.

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A tour of the

Philips Lighting Application Center opened our eyes.

The Team





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