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    SON 250W E E40 CO 1SL/12
    SON 250W E E40 CO 1SL/12

    SON 250W E E40 CO 1SL/12

    Order code: 928486900091

    Full Product Code: 871150021038815


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General Information
Cap base
E40  [ E40]
Burning Position
UNIVERSAL  [ Any/Universal]
Life to 5% failures (nom.)
12000 h
Life to 20% failures (nom.)
20000 h
Life to 50% failures (nom.)
28000 h
System description
External Ignitor (E)
Light Technical
Colour Code
220  [ CCT of 2000K]
Lamp Luminous Flux (Min)
22500 lm
Lamp Luminous Flux (Nom)
27000 lm
Lumen maintenance 10,000 hours (min.)
90 %
Lumen maintenance 10,000 hours (nom.)
95 %
Lumen maintenance 2,000 hours (min.)
95 %
Lumen maintenance 2,000 hours (nom.)
98 %
Lumen maintenance 5,000 hours (min.)
92 %
Lumen maintenance 5,000 hours (nom.)
96 %
Colour Temperature, horizontal (Nom)
2000 K
Lamp Luminous Efficacy EM (Nom)
106 lm/W
Colour Rendering Index,horiz (Max)
Colour Rendering Index,horiz (Nom)
Operating and Electrical
Power (Rated) (Nom)
250 W
Lamp current (EM) (nom.)
3 A
Ignition supply voltage (max.)
198 V
Ignition peak voltage (max.)
2800 V
Re-ignition time (min.) (max.)
120 s
Ignition time (max.)
5 s
Voltage (Max)
115 V
Voltage (Min)
85 V
Voltage (Nom)
100 V
Controls and Dimming
Run-up time 90% (max.)
5 min
Mechanical and Housing
Bulb finish
Coated  [ Coated glass (CO)]
Approval and Application
Energy efficiency label (EEL)
Mercury (Hg) content (nom.)
20.4 mg
Energy Consumption kWh/1000 h
275 kWh
Luminaire Design Requirements
Bulb temperature (max.)
350 °C
Cap base temperature (max.)
250 °C
Product Data
Full product code
Order product name
SON 250W E E40 CO 1SL/12
EAN/UPC – product
Order code
Numerator – quantity per pack
Numerator – packs per outer box
Material no. (12NC)
Net weight (piece)
0.063 kg

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