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      Affordable, reliable, high frequency electronic ballast for 4-pin PL-T and PL-C fluorescent lamps, ideal alternative for electromagnetic (EM) ballasts


      Energy efficient, saving 25% energy compared to electromagnetic “C-type” ballasts
      The EB-C TL5 range has a robust design and meets safety, EMC and Immunity tests including safety approbation via an external test-house covering IEC/EN 61347.
      Ideal alternative for electromagnetic ballast, no ignitor needed Pre wired, Lamp/ mains wires and lamp holders are included for easy installation.
      Same size as electromagnetic ballast so ideal for replacements


      Energy efficient CELMA A3
      Complying to CCC certificate including safety acc IEC 61347
      Robust design for 20.000 hour lifetime and 3.000 on/off switches on one lamp.
      Rapid, flicker-free lamp start (< 1.6 s)
      High power factor 0.95 with THD <25%
      EMC compliant to EN 55015 2006 + A1 2007
      Wide voltage range for ignition and operation (165V-253V)
      45 degree connector for easy connection with push button release


      Designed for applications where lamps burn for a long period of time and switching cycle (on/off) is infrequent. Typical areas of application include:
      Professional indoor applications (e.g. offices and hotels)
      Department stores, shops, supermarkets, convenient stores and public area’s
      Indoor lighting boxes
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