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CorePro LEDcapsule MV

A mains-voltage LED speciality product with huge energy saving and high light output

CorePro LEDcapsule MV
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      The LED specialities deliver a high-quality light, which is a true replacement for halogen speciality lamps (such as G9 and R7S). It is particularly suitable for task lighting in hotels and restaurants, and ideal for decorative and ambient applications. LED specialty products deliver huge energy savings and minimise maintenance costs, without any compromise on light quality.


      Up to 90% energy-saving compared with halogen lamps
      Lower maintenance costs
      Broad compatibility with transformers


      Easy retrofit
      Lifetime of 15,000 hours
      UV- and IR-free light
      Free of mercury and hazardous materials – RoHS compliant


      Hotels, museums, shops, washrooms, reception areas, exhibitions, display cabinets
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