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Tempo LED Floodlight

Illuminating the future. High performance floodlight solution.

Tempo LED Floodlight

      Product family information

      Tempo LED Floodlights are highly versatile and are designed to meet diverse application requirements, including advertising hoardings, high mast poles, building facade, sport stadiums(non professional), parking spaces, or indoor industrial workspaces. Not only do Tempo LED Floodlights provide illumination of high performance, they also combine functionality with aesthetics, without compromising on cost efficiency and reliability.


      Designed to optimise advertising hoarding illumination as well as meet other diverse application requirements
      Modern design, outstanding quality
      Energy-saving, easy replacement


      6KV high surge protection
      Up to 100lm/w high system efficacy
      Able to replace up to 400 HID floodlight
      Warm white (3000K), Neutral (4000K), Cool white (5700K)
      UV-resistant, and IP65 dust and jet water-proof flat lens


      Area lighting, bill-board, façade, industry area, recreational sports and other general applications
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