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RoadFlair Sleek and superior Beyond anticipation


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      Designed for major and city roads, Philips RoadFlair is a new and exciting product set to brighten your streets beyond imagination. Smartly-designed to bring cities the highest savings possible with best-in-class lumen per watt, this road lighting production comes at a competitive price bound to excite. Philips RoadFlair brings energy efficiency, improves a city’s sustainability drive and delivers significant cost reduction in urban environments. The right road luminaire coupled with the right lighting application will create the best environment for your municipality, benefiting local communities and boosting tourism and businesses.


      High lumen efficacy 120 to 140 lumen per watt – much higher than currently available solutions.
      Unique functional design Sleek, light-weight and well-designed luminaire.
      Control and dimming ready Supports CityTouch connect application, 7-Pin Nema socket and standard outdoor dimming protocols.
      Value for money Most competitive product in its segment Perfect for renovation, upgrading projects. Best-in-class LED lighting technology at an unmatched, competitive price.


      Excellent thermal managementoperating Temperature -40 to 50C
      Exposed OpticTransparent and weather resistant grade polycarbonate optics
      Multipule optic Options to meet all road and street lighting application requirements
      Lightweight housing design
      Available in 3000K, 40000K, 5000K and 5700K CCT options


      Pedestrian Road
      Highway Road
      Residential Road
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