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    Round sparkling light effect


    Capture the ambience of candlelight with these sparkling spherical light sources. Using a unique optic combined with a purpose-built LED, they create a gorgeous halo effect that immediately catches the eye. The mood is completed by a digital control system that simulates flickering – instant atmosphere at the flick of a switch. Integrated with your architecture in elegant clusters, they bring warm, brilliant light and a touch of romance to any environment.

    round sparkling light effect

    Explore our light effects

    Linear sparkling light effect


    Create a dynamic sense of motion with these sleek linear lights. Their bright, artful illumination can fade from one end to the other, giving the appearance of light streaking across a surface. These distinctive lighting effects add powerful ambience to any room, and instant impact to any display. Stylish, sophisticated and mesmerizing, they are ideal for guiding and attracting people from afar.

    linear sparkling light effect

    Explore our light effects

    2D graphic light effect


    Harness the decorative power of light and shade. Custom laser-cut patterns form intricate graphic layouts that shine with impeccable style. Any visual theme, product silhouette or brand design can be represented in soft luminosity - instantly recognizable and always memorable.

    2d graphic light effect

    Explore our light effects

    3D graphic light effect


    Transform your surface into a work of art. Light and darkness work in harmony as graphic elements and silhouetted shapes fold out in front of internal backlighting. The result is breathtaking. Textures and patterns jump out from the panel’s surface in 3D brilliance, bringing unmatched splendor to any space.

    3d graphic light effect

    Explore our light effects

    Brilliant graphic light effect


    Sparkling LEDs are positioned behind a panel, with delicate perforations that allow the light to permeate through. The technology creates a shimmering crystalline glow that appears to move – a truly captivating optical illusion. This one-of-a-kind lighting concept can be arranged in any shape or density, creating as subtle or intense an effect as you desire.

    brilliant graphic light effect