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Part 6 of our white paper series, “Illuminated, integrated, and intelligent: Reinventing the workplace,”showcases examples of how a storytelling approach to architecture is reinventing the workplace as a visible expression of a company's brand and corporate culture.
The evolution of the workplace is approaching the equivalent of branded stage sets design for the theater of commerce

Building a brand,

by branding your building

Branding articulates the identity, values, aspirations, beliefs, and culture of an organization. Where physical workspaces were once in the background, they have now become an important aspect of a company’s brand, and a very visible expression of a company’s culture.

Lighting is an expressive and communicative element that architects and planners are more frequently “designing in” as an integral aspect of the built environment. 


While innovative, dynamic lighting schemes can express brand values, set the mood in an interior office space, and support comfort and collaboration, connected lighting systems and the data-driven applications that they support can open up exciting new possibilities for people to interact with the enterprise. 

Building a brand
Where the magic happens

Storytelling architectures are geared to employees as much as to visitors


Engaged and proud employees who live the brand are essential for business success. Equally important is a company's ability to attract a younger generation of workers with creative and innovative spaces that are not the norm. Companies are striving for killer office spaces to attract savvy workers, who have zero interest is working in a cubicle.

Where the magic happens

Taking it to the streets


A building’s exterior can do as much as an office interior to promote a company’s brand. Office exteriors have a public or municipal dimension, making them much more community-oriented. Cutting-edge architecture and dynamic exterior lighting can make an office building act as a landmark in the city, and expressive designs can make a corporate brand stand out and be recognized.

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