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How wireless lighting controls can help to transform your workspace

Why pay for office lighting

you're not using?


The days of wasting money on fully lit, empty spaces are over – but this doesn’t mean compromising visual comfort.

If any part of your office is fully lit when it’s unoccupied, you’re wasting energy and running up an unnecessary bill.


SpaceWise is an innovative LED lighting system with embedded wireless controls, which allow you to create and configure ‘smart’ lighting zones to suit your space and layout. The system allows lighting to be delivered to ‘zones’, only where and when required, whilst other non-occupied zones remain at a background lighting level – saving energy, but not at the expense of visual comfort.


Light the whole office, or just specific areas or rooms – with SpaceWise you’re in control.


And with SpaceWise, saving energy does not mean sacrificing visual comfort. Far from it. The high quality diffused light delivered through state-of the–art LED SmartBalance luminaires transforms uninspiring offices into welcoming and comfortable spaces. And when people feel comfortable, they’re more productive.

SpaceWise - Smart Office Lighting - Video
The new control system provides us with more precise zoning so that only occupied areas are fully lit while other luminaires in the network stay at background level. The dimming functionality also enables us to adjust lighting levels within the zones to suit the preferences of the people working in those spaces.”   


- Les Smith, EMEA Critical Facilities Engineering ManagerCiti, Canary Wharf, London

Three ways

SpaceWise transforms your office

Easy set-up

Reduce energy, configure lighting for your space

Reduced energy

Enhance employee comfort

Enhanced employee comfort

Flexible, wireless set-up to suit space

Simple to install, easy to use


With its embedded sensors and wireless control, SpaceWise eliminates the need for any extra wiring making it a perfect lighting system for retrofit or new build projects. What’s more - setting it up is simple as the dimming settings for a typical office are pre-programmed. Simply create ‘zones’ by creating groups of luminaires using the remote control. No network, computer or light meters needed. All the hard work is done for you – it’s plug-and-play.

And, because of its wireless nature, SpaceWise is extremely flexible; it’s future proof too. Should your layout or space requirements change, it’s no problem – just re-programme the zones via the remote control. With SpaceWise it’s that quick and easy.

As for the energy savings, they begin straight away. Automated dimming activates straight after installation is completed. There’s no time to waste.

Believe me, architects are not easily satisfied. However, we are convinced by the performance, energy efficiency and the really nice design. We now have light all around us in our new office.”


- Hampi Lussi, CEO AG

SmartBalance family


The SmartBalance luminaires used within the SpaceWise system offer sustainable, long-lifetime high quality LED light, whilst reducing energy and carbon impact and simultaneously enhancing the appeal of your office space.


SmartBalance’s pleasing curves and award winning minimal design can add appeal to any space. As a suspended option, it’s as unobtrusive as it needs to be; fitting seamlessly with your interior architecture. As a free floor standing option, it lights up two desks with one luminaire, thanks to its compact design.

Suspended SmartBalance


Free Floor Standing SmartBalance

Free Floor Standing

SmartBalance Remote


Services delivered the right way, your way


We package support around the needs of your particular business. Pre-installation, we offer support at the planning stage, conducting an audit and consulting on your solution design and business case. After installation, you can choose from three distinct service packages to meet your ongoing requirements and budget


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