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Open plan: one room

multiple zones


The smart luminaires of the SpaceWise system deliver full-light output at occupied workstations, and a lower background light level in those that are unoccupied.


We recommend large groups of 30-50 luminaires for open-plan offices. Provided the sensors detect presence within the group, they’ll ensure sufficient background light in the empty areas. Luminaires are not turned off entirely until the whole zone is unoccupied.

SpaceWise – Open plan office

Private office,

custom control


Once you’ve linked your wireless switch to a group of luminaires, you can adjust light levels to fit your own preference in your private office.


The system will remember your choices if you’re out for a short period of up to 15 minutes. And, of course, there’s always the option of creating zones within a group, which can react to presence. Unless you override the settings, daylight-dependent dimming will occur automatically.

SpaceWise – Private office

Set the scene in meeting rooms with SpaceWise


The key to successful meeting and conference spaces is their ability to adapt to different uses. An audio-visual presentation might require lower lighting, for instance, while a trainer might favor a well-lit, energizing room.


With SpaceWise, you just use the wireless scene selector to choose automated dimming settings or ones that you have pre-set yourself. Automatic daylight-dependent dimming and occupancy sensing are built into each luminaire.

SpaceWise – Meeting rooms