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    LED Lighting for the home


    Bring the brightness and warmth of natural sunlight into your home and embrace the world of Philips LED Lighting. For products, advice, ideas and guidance, there’s a world of LED lighting innovations at your fingertips. Ambient mood lighting or a well placed spotlight can bring a warm, natural glow to your home interior while well placed outdoor lighting can introduce a new dimension to your garden design.  Harness the power of contrast and explore how lighting can add a strong design aesthetic to your inside and outside spaces. Powerful, warm and energy saving, Philips LED products are leading a revolution in contemporary lighting for your home.


    Professional Lighting


    Shape your world with light. LED technology can help you work smarter, feel better, and do more for your customers. Create welcoming and productive work environments with flexible LED lights. Highlight the quality of retail merchandise with clean white LED spotlights. Inspire people from afar, by installing LED floodlights in outside areas. The possibilities are endless.

    Our commitment to improving lives through light has helped us to pioneer solutions that save energy, enhance well-being, and bring your visions to life. We love sharing our expertise, so explore the site to find out how LED lighting can enhance your world. 


    Home Lighting


    Light gives sight. Designed right, it gives so much more. It shapes our moods. Shifts our perceptions. And changes the way we experience our environment. At Philips, it’s made us combine elegance with state-of-the-art lighting, allowing us to create a full range of total home lighting solutions. Each powered by the latest, most innovative technology. And in a wide array of styles. Giving you the options you need to transform every room into a living, breathing expression of your life.

    Ignite your imagination. And place your home in a whole new light with Philips Home Lighting.

    The Ultimate Home Lighting Solution.

    Philips LED

    Saving up to 90%

    Time to switch to Philips LED