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    Safer roads


    A5 highway
    Tamworth, UK


    Find out how LED street lighting is making this busy highway safer for drivers.

    Philips LEDs bringing prosperity to Da Nang - lighting a dragon

    The Philips

    installation on the A5 Tamworth Bypass ensures that all of the luminaire’s bright, white light is focused on the highway, reducing energy consumption, increasing road safety for motorists and helping to significantly minimize light pollution."


    -Roy Cupples, Electrical Design Manager, Amey.

    Customer challenge


    Every public authority wants its roads to go to the distance - the difficulty is lighting them safely without draining city finances. The UK highways agency, with contractors Amey, engaged with Philips to find out how they could light this busy highway safely while cutting costs.

    A5 highway, Tamworth illuminated by Philips LED lighting

    The right lighting 


    "The A5 Tamworth is a busy highway that transports motorists across the West Midlands. Improving the lighting on this stretch of road would mean safer, more comfortable journeys for thousands of drivers daily. However, with energy efficiency now a growing concern for UK councils, it was important to find a solution that would reduce power consumption while maintaining lighting standards.

    LED street lighting raced to the rescue. SpeedStar luminaires were installed along the roadside, delivering clean white light without the glare that older lighting systems would add. Tests show that white light improves visibility for drivers, making it easier for them to detect movement, and giving them more time to stop if something crosses their path.

    But the power of LED doesn’t stop there. SpeedStar’s low energy consumption means that operational costs are lowered by up to 70%, and CO₂ production will be reduced by 47.4 tons per year. In addition, SpeedStar’s durability and long lifetime will halve maintenance visits".

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