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    What will
    future cities
    look like?

    How often do you think about
    the future of cities?

    An hour a day? An hour a week? Even if we work towards the future every single day, we spend almost all of our time concentrating on the present, working to solve today's issues.


    The future is uncertain, as is our influence on it, but change is inevitable. The world continues to change at an ever-increasing rate, as we continue to make major technological advances while experiencing major societal transformations. The challenge is how to keep up with these changes and survive their impact.


    We’ve given serious thought to different scenarios that may become real for cities in the future. We invite you to think along with us, as you read about Julie, Alicia, Adam, and Daria in a world in which cities are very different than they are today.

    In the report:


    • A summary of scenario planning and how it works
    • Four scenarios that show what future cities may look like
    • The driving forces that shape the city scenarios
    • Uncertainties and how to prepare for potential changes