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    Exploring stakeholder engagement with digital technologies in urban environments

    In search of finding out the extent to which citizens and businesses use digital technologies to impact city infrastructures and communicate with city officials, the EIU, on behalf of Philips, has conducted research surveys and expert interviews. This joint program is key in the ongoing investigation of the future of cities and urban environments.


    In most cities, citizens and businesses already play a major role in the development of the city itself, but what other barriers need to be overcome in order to fully embrace digital technologies? While the EIU is continually exploring this and many other questions, the results of this program have given us an idea of where digital technologies stand in urban environments. Although there is room for improvement, most citizens feel as though these technologies have allowed them to contribute to a variety of infrastructures such as healthcare, education services, and more. Overall, the results concluded that citizens and businesses prefer to live in smart cities and benefit greatly from being involved in the shaping of their communities. Learn more by reading the executive summary in its entirety and sign up for the full report.


    Monica Woodley, Editorial Director from The Economist Intelligence Unit, presents the novel research findings live in a webinar September, 29th at 4 pm CET. You would like to listen to it? Don’t miss that unique chance and sign up for the webinar today:

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    Future-proofing IT for smart city services images

    Future-proofing IT for Smart City services


    Working within the cloud allows for flexibility, scalability, and cost-effectiveness when connecting many thousands of end-points in a Smart City.

    open systems image

    Smart Cities need open systems


    Technologies and standards are evolving rapidly in the dynamic smart city environment. Cities need to stay flexible and prepare for a future based on open standards and APIs. They need an evolving solution for tomorrow that works for them today.

    Watch this webinar and learn about digital technology, citizen engagement and urban decision making



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