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    The Economist Intelligence Unit:
    digital technology survey


    Digital technologies, including IT, communications, the Internet of Things, and sensor networks, are working together to create intelligent urban infrastructures. With the data from these systems, cities can gain new insights into services, operations, and city life. 


    Most citizens, like most businesses, want to participate. How can cities use digital technologies to make citizen and business engagement most effective?

    Insight into how digital technologies  drive urban transformation


    The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU), the research and analysis division of The Economist Group, asked citizens and city executives in 12 leading cities to complete a short survey about their cities.


    With important implications for decision-makers, the EIU report offers rich insight into how:


    • Digital technologies drive urban transformation
    • Crowdsourcing apps and real-time engagement improves city services
    • Private/public partnerships advance Smart City initiatives


    of executives say that improved
      digital communications channels would encourage them to provide cities with feedback on urban conditions.

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    A successful smart cities initiative relies on smart technology, but it also requires leadership and vision. We've collected the resources and information here to guide you and inspire you.

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