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    Smart Cities:

    Connected public lighting


    Infrastructures and services play a key role in enabling cities to flourish. To be successful, Smart Cities must create an open, intelligent network of resources with central, comprehensive management via integrated software platforms and apps.

    Public lighting plays a unique role, because it transforms the visual appearance of places, and can make urban areas accessible, usable, and safe at night. More than other city service, public lighting is closely interwoven with a place’s identity and character.


    Public lighting can also play a unique role in Smart Cities. Because it’s already installed people live, work, play, and travel, it can serve as the backbone for a common services management infrastructure. The resources on these pages show you how the integration of light and data can make your city a Smart City.

    2030: Smart
    city life


    The urban population is growing and by 2030, 60% of us will be living in cities. In these urban environments citizens will use new ways to access information, services and navigate spaces. Public lighting plays a unique role as it is already installed everywhere where people live, work, play and travel. It transforms the visual appearance of places and makes urban areas accessible, useable and safe at night. Our people-centric vision for lighting the connected city of 2030 illustrates why every city has the potential to ensure connectivity and sustainability, while enhancing the quality of life for its citizens.

    2030: Smart city life

    Lighting in Smart Cities – Articles and Videos

    The Smart City
    innovation, vitality,

    and scale


    While the challenges and complexity of cities can seem daunting, the innovations exist today that can make substantive, transformative changes to the cultural and economic paradigms. City resource networks need flexible interfaces to share data, achieve new levels of efficiency, maximize the effectiveness of the city services, and empower citizens.

    Challenges faced
    by smart cities


    How can connected lighting serve as an enabler and catalyst for transitioning to a new era of city technologies? Philips Lighting’s Susanne Seitinger and Nancy Clanton, President of Clanton & Associates Lighting Design and Engineering discuss the challenges our urban areas face today.

    Nancy Clanton

    The importance


    Discover what’s driving the smart city phenomenon, what future cities will look like and why partnerships, collaboration and solutions that are open and scalable are key to building smart cities successfully.


    Listen to experts from Vodafone and SAP, download case studies, participate in our webinars and learn more about how partnering can benefit you.

    Partnerships in smart cities

    Partnerships webinar


    Watch Marlyn Zelkowitz, Solution Expert and lead of the Future Cities team in North America at SAP and Andreas Knobloch, Alliance Manager from Philips Lighting in our webinar ‘Partnering to unlock maximum value in your city’.


    Discover what’s driving the smart city phenomenon, what future cities will look like and why an open system and therefore partnerships with companies such as SAP are so important.

    Design trends
    shaping cities


    How can designers can create products and services that mesh with human behavior, aid in solving our problems, and live up to current societal trends? Architect, urban designer and developer Guy Perry expands on this theme, sharing his experiences researching cities and their impact on people’s well-being.

    Guy Perry

    Smart cities:
    LED lighting empowers places


    Philips Lighting commissioned the independent research firm Boyette Strategic Advisors to conduct an impact analysis of four lighting installations across the United States. See the widespread impact of these four connected lighting installations by downloading the full white paper within.

    Events 2017

    Mobile World Congress – Connected lighting for IoT in smart cities and more

    From 27th of February to 2nd of March 2017 in Barcelona, Philips Lighting and our global partners will demonstrate the power of Light beyond illumination, and the opportunities it brings for smarter cities, retailer, office buildings and more.

    Events 2016

    Smart City Expo World Congress and Circular Economy European Summit

    From 15th to 17th of November 2016, the events Smart City Expo World Congress and Circular Economy European Summit took place in Barcelona. Watch the exciting panels and keynotes from Philips Lighting.

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