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    Smart lighting
    enabling the Internet of Things

    Gartner: Market Guide for Smart Lighting

    In a new report, Market Guide for Smart Lighting, leading industry analyst Gartner finds that smart lighting can serve as an enabling infrastructure for Internet of Things capabilities that go far beyond lighting and energy savings. When creating a digital platform for smart cities and smart buildings, connected LED lighting is key.

    Because the smart lighting industry is rapidly evolving, IT leaders must select a smart lighting approach that can grow with them as they expand their digital ecosystems. Success depends on the collaboration of many stakeholders, including property owners, facility and city managers, citizens and workers, businesses, utilities, policymakers and regulators.

    In Gartner's analysis, only a few vertically integrated lighting companies can deliver a complete, fully integrated smart lighting solution today. These companies offer strategies that promise to lead the industry in connected systems and ensure future growth.

    In the report:

    • Smart lighting is rapidly evolving
    • Vertical integration is key
    • IT leaders must ensure that smart lighting solutions can grow and evolve