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    Philips SmartPoles

    Co-created to serve as digital real estate for the Internet of Things

    With Philips SmartPole pilots, Barcelona, Los Angeles, and San Jose have taken a major step in the evolution of the connected smart city.


    Philips SmartPoles serve both as important connected light sources which can be remotely managed, and Wi-Fi hotspots that improve mobile network performance across the city. Because they are a 2-in-1 solution – a connected device that also provides necessary light without taking up extra space – SmartPoles create digital real estate for the Internet of Things.


    For more information, download and read the Philips SmartPoles leaflet.

    SmartPole  benefits:

    • 2-in-1 solution that takes up no extra space
    • Improved mobile network performance
    • Capable of housing additional services in the future 
    The SmartPole initiative provides the City of San Jose with a unique win-win-win: more energy conservation, reduced expenditures  on energy and maintenance, implementation of LED lighting on dark city streets, and an enhanced broadband experience  for our residents.”

    Sam Liccardo

    Mayor of San Jose, California, USA