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Cloud dashboard

Monitor system performance and health from anywhere, plus configure and manage lighting assets remotely - no software or servers needed. You simply need the ActiveSite Gateway, a standard internet connection and a computer or tablet.
Manage your Philips Color Kinetics connected lighting system remotely using the ActiveSite cloud dashboard

Remote monitoring and maintenance

Connect all your lighting assets, including fixtures, power supplies and controllers, to provide an instant view of network health status. Automated email alerts notify technicians when there’s a problem. Device configurations and firmware are updated remotely as new versions are released, minimizing downtime and maintenance costs.
ActiveSite provides centralized remote monitoring and from anywhere and provides automatic software and firmware updates for your Philips Color Kinetics architectural lighting

Asset management, analytics and reporting

Digital record-keeping makes it easy for technicians to identify device serial numbers, DMX addresses, firmware versions and IP addresses, including service history.
Gain insight into how your lighting installation is performing with standard and customizable templates, charts and historical analysis. 
ActiveSite simplifies asset management for your Philips Color Kinetics architectural lighting and its’ analytics and reporting show how your installation is performing

Content management*

Remotely monitor, edit, activate and schedule light shows and effects – and adjust them in real time from anywhere in the world via an internet connection.


*Remote Content Management is available with Light System Manager gen5 or Pharos controllers.

ActiveSite provides remote content management for your Philips Color Kinetics architectural lighting installation