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    SchoolVision lighting

    In today’s competitive world, it’s important that children get the best possible start in life. That means fostering an optimal learning environment in schools, where children can be calm and focused, and teachers can do their job effectively.


    SchoolVision has been specifically developed for this purpose. It delivers a specially calibrated light spectrum that helps children concentrate, and adapts to different classroom activities. The result is a learning environment where children are attentive and teachers can tutor effectively.


    Supported by Science


    SchoolVision was put to the test in an independent study by the government of Hamburg, Germany and the Universitätsklinikum Hamburg-Eppendorf. A total of 166 pupils and 18 teachers took part in the year-long scientific experiment, which recorded significant improvements in student performance.

    Compared to children under normal lighting, the children studying under SchoolVision showed improvements in concentration, attention span, and behaviour. In addition, they read faster and made fewer mistakes.


    The figures speak for themselves:

    • Reading speed – 35% increase
    • Frequency of errors – 45% decrease
    • Hyperactive behaviour – 76% decrease

    How does SchoolVision work?


    SchoolVision lets teachers choose between four different light settings, according to the time of day and activity. These settings mimic the natural patterns of daylight that human bodies responds to, which have been shown to help children stay focused and alert. The options are:


    • Normal – standard brightness and color tone, sets the scene for a normal lesson
    • Focus – highest light intensity and a cool color tone, supports concentration for tests
    • Energy – high intensity level, very cool color tone, makes children alert during mornings and after lunch
    • Calm – standard intensity level, warm color tone, calms down a hyperactive class


    The light levels produced by SchoolVision comply with all lighting standards. Additionally, using it to replace outdated lighting systems can result in energy savings of up to 57%.

    Now I can help my class manage their

    energy levels so that we get the most out of every school day. With SchoolVision it’s easier to concentrate so they achieve better learning results."


    -Tamara Voorjans, Wintelre primary school, the Netherlands



     I’m always looking    for ways to

    improve our school’s performance and reputation within our limited budget. With SchoolVision we’ve seen measurably better results and the school is able to boast an outstanding learning environment that gives pupils the best start."


    -Jane van der Heijden, Wintelre primary school, the Netherlands



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