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    Setting the scene with your dynamic shop window


    Research demonstrates that when lighting changes in a shop window, the display is more likely to catch the consumer’s eye. With LED, it’s possible to create a dynamic lighting scene with a sequence that can be varied in speed and intensity. Fast or slow, high contrast or low contrast – the choice is yours. PerfectScene dynamic window uses the dimming capabilities of LED lighting combined with a dynamic control system.

    Eral 55


    The effects of dynamic shop window lighting were validated at Eral 55, a high-end men’s fashion store located in one of Milan’s most popular shopping areas. On weekdays, dynamic lighting resulted in an 11% increase in people stopping at the shop windows compared to static lighting - demonstrating that dynamic lighting settings can differentiate stores and attract more customers.


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    Eral 55 - Shop Lighting




    Deichmann used the PerfectScene dynamic window concept to maximize the probability of these passers-by calling into the shop. Offering lighting that works dynamically and displays both the overall arrangement and each individual pair of shoes to great effect. The movement in the shop window arouses the curiosity of nearby people and draws their eyes even when they are looking in other directions.


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    Deichmann  - Shop Lighting

    Lighting in  fashion