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    Connected light  takes flight


    Philips Lighting and Blue Jay explore the potential of Visible Light Communication (VLC) applications in retail, offices, and healthcare in this innovative tic-tac-toe drone experiment. 

    We’re entering the second big transformation in a decade. First, there was the move to LED, now with making lighting smart and connected, we can unlock value that goes far beyond light itself.”

    Gerben van der Lugt,

    Indoor Location Services Leader, Philips Lighting

    Blue Jay and Philips Lighting create a drone capable of playing tic-tac-toe using Visible Light Communication, Philips Lighting

    How can your store succeed where others fail?

    Parik Chopra, our Business Segment Leader in Retail and Hospitality, says retail success is all about appealing to shoppers’ rational and emotional minds. See what he has to say about the state of retail today – and the way forward.
    The traditional value proposition of a bricks and mortar store is transitioning from a transaction point to our third home."

    Parik Chopra
    Business Segment Leader in Retail and Hospitality, Philips Lighting
    Parik Chopra Business Segment Leader in Retail and Hospitality, Philips Lighting


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