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    Increasing fashion footfall and sales

    How lighting can transform stores

    Brand image is everything in fashion. And there’s nothing like pitch-perfect lighting to reflect that image. Brands are using dynamic lighting in window displays to grab shoppers’ attention and increase footfall by up to 19%.


    In store, lighting helps create a brand’s signature ambience. While in the fitting-room, adjustable lighting can increase sales by 15%. Simply put, high-quality lighting plays a crucial role at every step of the shopping journey. 

    lighting in fashion retail

    The dynamics of retail:
    attract, engage and convert  

    19% increase in footall infographic

    Up to 19% increase in footfall with dynamic lighting window display


    • Source: Eral 55, Milan: the power of dynamic window displays over static lighting
    60% of buying decisions take place in the fitting room.

    60% of buying decisions take place in the fitting room.


    • Source: House of Fraser
    15% increase in sales after installing scene setting lighting

    Fashion retailer Livera saw a 15% increase in sales after installing ‘scene-setting’ fitting-room lighting.


    • Source: Livera

    Attract: the experience begins before stepping in-store

    Flooding a store’s façade in light does more than just demand passing shoppers’ attention. It turns the store into a landmark and nighttime attraction, increasing footfall and sales opportunities. And with dynamic lighting, retailers can create eye-catching displays for different seasons or specific events, or use the façade to advertise brands. 


    More inspirational façade lighting

    Eral 55, Milan

    The shop window – increasing footfall by up to 19%

    The window display is a brand’s five-second sales pitch to tempt passing shoppers inside. Dynamic displays featuring programmable lighting sequences enable brands to create scenes and tell stories that resonate with shoppers. When Milan-based high-end fashion store, Eral 55, installed programmable lighting to create dynamic window displays, the number of shoppers entering the store increased by up to 19%.

    Engage: continuous innovations transforming stores

    Brand ambiance

    Brand ambience: the power of light

    People have expectations when they step inside a brand’s store. They expect it to look and feel a certain way. They expect to recognize immediately the brand’s identity. High-quality light is crucial for creating visuals that resonate with a brand’s customer-base. 
    Products on display

    Products on display: choose your LED flavor

    Philips LED flavors enable brands to make a statement with lighting by enhancing the color of their products. Whites look brighter, blacks deeper and colors more vibrant. An array of luminaire spectrums and designs make any effect possible, while harmonizing effortlessly with the store’s décor.
    Shopper experience

    Shopper experience: feel at home, in store

    Stores are using innovations in lighting to make a strong design statement and to offer a relaxed and inviting ambiance for shoppers. The softened acoustics of OneSpace uses homogenous light that shows the products  in true light and creates a homely atmosphere for customers.

    Multi-sensory stimulation

    Major fashion brand Ted Baker creates a unique interior design for each of its stores, with light and music working together – scheduling, zoning and dimming combine to create a vibrant ambience. 


    At the Glasgow store, the ambience changes throughout the day via dynamic themes: ‘everyday’, with lighting on and music in the background; ‘evening’, where lighting dims 30% and the music is louder; and ‘nightclub’, where most of the lighting is off and music plays very loud. A performance area was even set up to allow local bands  to play.

    Convert: shoppers into buyers


    The new lighting installation gives us the opportunity to engage with customers in a more effective way, which ultimately means we will turn more product interest into product purchase."

    Tim Hyde,
    House of Fraser Store Manager, Oxford Street


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