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    The fitting room, redefined

    Up to 60% of buying decisions take place in the fitting room. Philips AmbiScene gives shoppers the ability to control the fittingroom's lighting, matching the lighting to the environment they will be wearing their new clothing in.

    Light for every season - and occasion

    This unique lighting solution for fitting rooms lets shoppers see how their outfits look under different seasonal or occasional lighting conditions. At a simple touch of the button panel, consumers can switch the diffuse frontal lighting between pre-defined settings while the colored lighting can create an ambient effect.


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    Bizuu turned to Philips Lighting for a lighting solution to improve the customer experience in their shops throughout Poland. StyliD is used for the lighting in the store, and in the fitting rooms the special AmbiScene mirrors are installed. Customers can select one of the three scenes, day, office or evening, to see what their clothing will look like in different kinds of lighting.


    The SuperTrash flagship store in Amsterdam is beautifully lit with Philips LED lighting. The 'friends fitting room' with the AmbiScene mirror is the highlight of the store. The AmbiScene mirror has three settings (day, office, night out) that adjust the lighting to the scene you selected, to see what your clothing will look like in different lighting. SuperTrash is planning to use this lighting concept in all stores worldwide.

    The new shopping journey

    In the past, shopping seemed very straightforward. We’d pull out of our garage, drive to a store and then drive home again with our purchase. Now, it’s become a much more complex process, with multiple channels and numerous touch points between the retailer and the consumer.


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