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    Making visible
    what the artists

    Transforming museums into masterpieces


    Our life is enriched by art. The value of museums to society has always been acknowledged, but their role has been changing. Instead of being purely collection-driven institutions, they are becoming more of a place to deliver visitor-centered experiences. Our museum lighting solutions will help you attract the new generation of museum visitors and help you deliver an unforgettable museum experience.

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    Good lighting is of   
    paramount importance for art. 

    If done properly, visitors will enjoy the works on show, without even noticing what we have done to make them shine."

    Tim Zeedijk
    Head of Exhibitions Rijksmuseum

    Unforgettable experiences

    From illuminating temporary exhibitions to crafting appropriate lighting scenarios that best set off your art collection, our wide range of standard and customized products, systems and services offer high quality, flexible, easily-adaptable and future proof solutions that help attract and engage with 21st century visitors.

    StyliD PerfectBeam - Endless possibilities to shape light  


    PerfectBeam strikes the perfect balance between presenting and preserving art, between ever-changing exhibitions and the need for low maintenance and energy efficiency.



    Superior light quality


    PerfectBeam presents masterpieces in their true colors, subtly attracting and guiding the viewer’s eye – making it easy to see, interpret and appreciate works of art down to the smallest detail. It enables you to use light to evoke emotions and create an unforgettable museum experience.


    Optimal art preservation


    Perfect lighting is gentle. It provides excellent visibility while also adequately protecting precious exhibits. PerfectBeam emits no harmful UV or IR rays, even the most delicate exhibits do not need the use of additional filters and protection.  


    Maximum beam flexibility


    Inspired by precision optics like camera lenses, this luminaire range comes with a zoom mechanism and a number of beam shaping lenses that are easy to adapt. The range ensures maximum flexibility for temporary exhibitions as well as last-minute lighting design adjustments.  


    iF Design Award 2016


    Our product, PerfectBeam was one of the winners in the category ‘iF product design’ in 2016.


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    New light on old masters

    In 2013, the Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam reopened after a massive renovation and became one of the first museums to illuminate a premiere art collection exclusively using LED technology.


    Bringing your vision to life  


    We understand the changing role of museums and your challenge to attract a new generation. As your end-to-end partner, we’re able to provide you with turnkey projects and help you respond to this more dynamic and interactive world. We work with a team of experts and lighting designers to provide consulting, design assistance and comprehensive services. Our ultimate mission is to bring your vision to life.