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    Lighting themes

    Lighting themes

    Ambient Experience

    Personalized experience designed to encourage healing in its truest sense.

    Dynamic lighting

    Shape your space with rejuvenating light that adapts to your moods and needs.

    Green healthcare

    Find out how sustainable lighting helps you save energy, improve your services, and protect the environment

    LED flavors

    With the use of the spectrums, you can make sure your items stand out and look attractive to your shoppers


    Construct breathtaking merchandise displays that wow customers, with ultra-white retail lighting


    Create delightful displays, with next-generation accent lighting optics that improve LED performance

    Meat discoloration

    Keep meat looking good for longer, with an optimized light spectrum provided by Philips lighting

    Fresh food lighting recipes

    The right lighting for your fresh produce will entice customers to buy, enhance the overall store experience, cut energy costs and even reduce food waste.

    Application Bundles

    To help installers make the most of the technical and commercial potential of LED, new virtual packages called ‘Application bundles’ have been designed.

    White light

    Help people feel safer at night, with white light produced by Philips outdoor lighting

    Service tag

    Learn how Philips Service tag can help you ensure more effective maintenance by making each luminaire uniquely identifiable

    Ledinaire - simply great LED


    Ledinaire - Now you can make the switch to LED without any hassle or

    unnecessary expense.

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