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    Sustainable investments


    Environment-friendly lighting makes good business sense. A substantial 22% of a typical hospital’s energy bill is spent on illumination, but energy-saving technology can cut these costs by up to 50%. By adding intelligent control systems, the savings can go as high as 80%. With cost reductions like these, can you afford not to invest in green hospital lighting?


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    Cheap lights: worth the risk?

    Many hospitals simply opt for the cheapest lighting option upfront. Although the initial investment may seem favorable, these lights often cost you more over time due to electricity, maintenance, and replacement costs. By choosing the cheapest option, you could be missing out on significant savings. With low energy consumption and maintenance requirements, energy-saving lights will deliver return on investment far into the future, and you won’t have to worry about malfunctions.
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    Invest now, save now and keep on saving

    Our sustainable hospital lights will reduce your energy consumption from the moment they are installed, leading to full payback in as little as three years. But the energy and cost savings keep going long after. And when you invest in lighting technology that needs less maintenance, you also minimize disruption of hospital activities.
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    Did you know? 

    Up to 22% of hospital’s energy used by lighting
    The percentage of toal hospital energy used by lighting
    Up to 50% energy reduction by using low energy LED lighting
    Energy reduction by using low energy LED lighting
    Up to 80% additional savings made by using controls with LED lighting
    Additional savings made by using controls with LED lighting