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    Building solutions

    around your needs



    Why choose Philips?

    Philips helps you achieve more by getting to the heart of your organization. We start by understanding your business challenges and sustainability goals, and finding out what makes your facility different. With extensive healthcare experience and access to the latest innovations, we can then identify the most appropriate lighting solution for your needs.
    Imaging room illuminated with Philips hospital lighting

    Making decisions easier

    Choosing between all the different lighting options available can be a weight on your shoulders. What makes Philips unique is our ability to simplify the process for you. We identify the most suitable light systems for your needs, and give you impartial information on their characteristics, cost, and energy-saving potential. And to make things even easier in the long run, we keep maintenance in mind from the very beginning.
    Doctor and child play with the light

    One supplier, one package

    Obtaining a sustainable lighting system can be a complicated process. We make it easier by delivering a complete package. From defining and designing the project to transporting, installing and financing your new hospital lighting, Philips handles every step with expertise.


    Relying on one supplier means less time and money spent on admin, and by choosing Philips, you’ll have the option of extended warranties with specialist support.  Our optional learning programs will enhance your in-house knowledge and maximize the potential of your lighting system.

    Doctors are carrying a patient under Philips hospital lighting

    The Philips four-step approach


    To get the best out of your new lighting, Philips uses our expertise and experience to look at every aspect of the project lifecycle. Our approach is broken down into four stages:

    Nicely lit hospital by Philips healthcare lighting
    Plan - Through scoping discussions, we get to understand your ambitions and targets. During this step, we look at opportunities to create a sustainable, innovative work place with lighting technology.
    Design - We conduct an on-site assessment of your current situation, before constructing proposals for energy-saving scenarios.
    Build - Once a solution has been agreed on, Philips will arrange for the system to be delivered and installed by our talented team.
    Manage - At your request, we can monitor, maintain and upgrade your green hospital lighting whenever necessary.

    Our mission to improve health and wellbeing globally

    Innovation is making real changes in the world. By making new technology available, we strive to make the world healthier and more sustainable.


    Our mission is to improve the lives of three billion people a year by 2025. Increasing sustainability in healthcare environments and assisting patients, staff and communities are integral parts of this mission.



    Improve people’s wellbeing