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    Indoor positioning system

    Partnering for success

    To help customers across retail, malls, offices and other industries unlock the full potential of our indoor positioning system, we work with a wide range of partners. This partner ecosystem is made up of market leaders and innovative start-ups. By combining their complementary products and services with our highly accurate indoor positioning technology, we can provide customized solutions that exceed customer expectations.

    Our partner ecosystem

    Location Lab partner program


    We’re always looking for new partners who share our passion creating unique, value-adding solutions for customers – across the entire spectrum of the retail industry and beyond. Companies that sign-up to the Location Lab partner program get access to a set of indoor positioning LED luminaires, as well as our indoor positioning software development kit (SDK). This lets partners integrate our technology with their own solutions to test and explore new applications. We welcome applications from both local and global companies alike, and will carefully assess each application. Please fill in the form below to start the conversation.


    Are you a Philips Lighting customer with a daring vision to discuss? You can also fill in the form to find out more about this innovative program. Just provide a few details and one of our experts will be in touch.