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      Service tag
      Making LED operations easier and faster 

      Philips Service tag


      LEDification in indoor and industrial applications enhances light quality, boosts energy efficiency and brings fantastic opportunities for connected lighting. But the new technology also requires new processes and an increasing variety of luminaires are being installed, increasing the overall complexity.  Help is on hand with the Philips Service tag.

      service tag

      How does it deliver value to you?


      Philips Service tag is a unique QR based identification system placed on next-generation Philips luminaires and the boxes they are delivered in. It simplifies product identification, speeds up installation and maintenance, takes care of product registration, and facilitates spare part ordering and configuration. In combination with the smartphone or tablet app, you have instant access to all relevant information – including automatic notifications about up-grades or component changes.

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      Download the Philips Service tag app!


      The age of digital luminaire maintenance is finally here! Download the Philips Service tag app today and start enjoying and on sport information and service!  

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