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    transforming LEDs

    Customer expectations  for tomorrow’s outdoor lighting


    In light of rapid urbanization and far-reaching social and technological change, city authorities face a complex challenge – how to create a safe, attractive and sustainable urban environment at a time of severe budget and resource constraints. One of the consequences of this is that municipalities need to derive maximum value from their lighting infrastructure, with features that used to be nice-to-have fast becoming must-haves.

    As outdoor lighting goes digital, LED light sources, luminaires, lighting controls, sensors and software are being combined in integrated, intelligent solutions that adapt to the ebb and flow of urban activity. Harnessing the digital potential of LED luminaire technology will allow city authorities not only to save energy and maintenance costs, but also to achieve their wider ambition of creating a vibrant, livable urban environment for all their citizens.

    Connected operations


    Seamless connectivity gives you the power to monitor and control your lighting operations remotely, whether it’s adapting lighting levels or identifying luminaires in need of maintenance.



    CityTouch is a lighting management system for public lighting. It offers simple web applications to analyze, plan and maintain workflow management, whilst you can monitor, manage and measure your connected lighting through the applications.

    Safety and visual comfort


    Prevent unwanted light spillage and glare by providing the right amount of light when and where it's needed.



    The new optimized  LEDGINE offers a complete new optics range ensuring a perfect fit for every application. The optics offer flexibility, enabling standardization over applications with outstanding performance and quality of light across a wide range of geometries - as well as design parameters such as tilt and overhang.

    Efficient maintenance


    Digitization also redefines the way we do installation and maintenance. It’s about getting the right information at the right time, enabling easy troubleshooting and proactive maintenance.

    Service tag


    Service tag is a unique QR based identification system, placed on all luminaires and boxes they are delivered in, and ready to be put on the pole, providing access to necessary information at the right time and place.



    The digital and smart city era is accelerating fast. To keep pace, cities need luminaires that are not only designed for today’s technologies, but are prepared for future advances and upgrades, and are ready to be connected with future sensors and controllers.

    Upgrade now or later with System ready luminaires


    The System ready architecture gives you a scalable foundation that you can build on whenever your city is ready to opt into new advances in technology. System ready means you can install your luminaires today and mount controllers and sensors at a later date - without any hassle. For example, when you are ready for remote light management, you can click in the CityTouch controller and the application will start right away.

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