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    PerfectAccent Optic

    First impressions count. Show your customers that you have exactly what they’re looking for, with cutting-edge spotlighting. PerfectAccent optics complement your LED fixtures to create homogenous, uniform light with precise beams. Colors look better, objects are more appealing, and your environment becomes more enticing.
    Philips luminaire with PerfectAccent reflectors nicely lit Edeka Supermarket

    How can PerfectAccent help you?


    Available in a wide array of LED fixtures, PerfectAccent delivers flawless beams of light that improve the feel and appearance of any room.


    Retail displays leap out at the customer thanks to homogenous light beams that improve the perception of color and texture. As a result, objects are immediately shown in their best light.


    Hospitality environments gain the ‘wow’ factor, with lighting effects that scream comfort and class. The uniform beams are free of light ‘ripples’ or degradation, which gives the room a balanced, luxurious feel.

    How does PerfectAccent work?  


    Welcome to the technology of tomorrow. Using a special ‘h. oneycomb’ reflector, PerfectAccent optics increase the total light output without using more energy.


    Multiple facets on the optic reflect and direct light from the LEDs, creating a uniform and clean beam spread. Thanks to flexibility in the surface treatment of the mold, this unique design can combine both mirror (specular) and frosted reflective surfaces.

    Honeycomb optic shows how PerfectAccents increases the total light output without consuming more energy.

    Next-generation durability and reflectivity


    The PerfectAccent optic is layered with an ultra-pure coating, specially developed for reflector systems with multiple facets. There is also a special protective layer over the reflective coating to enhance robustness. The result? A total reflectivity of an incredible 98% – 10% more than polished aluminum!

    Cleaner, smoother beams


    The right amount of light, exactly where you want it. Multiple reflector facets create clean, homogeneous light distribution, without the disturbing graduations that are usually observed with spotlights. Note the smooth transition from the center of the beam to its edge.


    PerfectAccent optics project a completely clean and uniform beam spread


    Conventional LED optics produce perceptible ‘ripples’

    Colors that delight and inspire


    In retail environments, customers like to know exactly what they are getting. PerfectAccent shows products at their best, by bringing out their true colors.


    Uniform light distribution eliminates color-over-angle deviation, a problem which worsens the appearance of accent-lit retail displays. In addition to the honeycombed faceted reflective surface, special flat lenses (clear or frosted) help to correct color variation defects. As a result, the object is rendered more evenly.

    Nicely lit retail store with Philips PerfectAccent

    Countless LED applications


    Using PerfectAccent doesn’t mean buying all new lights. The optics are suitable for most LED spotlights, and can be deployed without modifying the existing luminaire. Beam spread patterns include narrow-spot, spot, narrow-flood, and flood, giving you a wide range of accent lighting options.

    A video about StyliD and LuxSpace Accent with PerfectAccent reflector


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