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    The more intelligent,

    the more sustainable

    Light control


    Easily regulate your store’s lighting for specific situations and optimise your energy costs this way.



    LED luminaires are dimmable, so combining them with controls offers you infinite flexibility. During core hours when your store is at its busiest, lighting can be set at full strength.


    During quieter times, for example, in the evening or when stock is being replenished, lighting can be programmed to dim down to a background level.  


    • Low energy requirement for reduced costs
    • Individually adjustable light control according to your needs
    Saving potential in store throughout the day

    Light level preservation  


    "All luminaires slowly reduce their luminance over time. Traditionally there was nothing you could do except over-specify the lumen output to compensate - over-lighting and wasting energy. LED and controls make light level preservation possible.

    Your lighting can now be set at the correct level from installation, saving you up to 10% more energy, in addition to the savings you already make by adopting LED and controls technology. "


    • Optimum intensity of illumination
    • Low energy consumption
    Fruits and vegetables section illuminated with Philips LED lighting


    Wine section illuminated by Philips LED lighting


    Present your goods and products with a pleasant light and well-considered accents.
    Entrance at a supermarket illuminated with Philips LED lighting


    Visitors are greeted with an open and welcoming atmosphere. 
    Outdoor parking at Eurospar, Vienna, Austria illuminated with Philip LED lighting


    Always the right light at the right time.


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