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    Make residents

    proud at night

    Aesthetic Enhancement

    Night time is when we’re ready to relax – and when many people take in the scenery during an evening stroll. Give them a visual treat, by bringing out the best in your urban surroundings with flexible white light. It complements both traditional and modern constructions, and gives greenery a healthy, verdant look.
    Philips white light flooding system gives a lift to the decorative details of Royal Palace at Stockholm, Sweden

    People-approved performance


    White light is ideal for both decorative and functional lighting in communal areas. In one survey, almost 90% of respondents agreed that white light is more authentic than traditional yellow sodium lights. This natural-feeling ambience makes people feel at home in a city center and more.

    People admire a statue illuminated with Philips white light
    Square well-lit with Philips white light

    Helping cities grow


    Many modern municipalities take illumination seriously, and white light is growing in popularity among them. The President of the Somosaguas Neighbourhood Association in Madrid, Spain said, “The lighting complies with our strict aesthetic requirements. The white light is closer to natural vision, which increases the quality of life for our local residents - as well as increasing property values.

    Measuring perception of light color


    White light is a huge improvement on traditional illumination – but don’t just take our word for it. In 2005, an EVALUM* field test was carried out in Lyon, France, investigating respondents’ preferences for lighting types. Students living on the INSA campus and residents living in the city’s ‘Sixth district’ were asked to evaluate various light sources.


    The results showed that people clearly preferred lamps with warm, white light of 3000 K color temperature. The satisfaction levels associated with these lamps were higher than those of yellow high-pressure sodium lamps and cold white light sources (4000-4200K spectrum).


    * EVALUM: Evaluation de lumieres urbaines pour un eclairage durable (Evaluation of Light sources for Sustainable Lighting).