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    Bring white light

    to your world

    ComoPolis light systems

    Make your city a more pleasant place at night, with CosmoPolis. This lamp generates clean white light, for better-looking surroundings and a welcoming atmosphere.


    Not only does CosmoPolis help attract more people to your city center, but it also helps you reduce operational costs and minimize carbon emissions. And because white light helps people see better and distinguish colors more clearly, CosmoPolis makes the streets safer too.

    People are walking in a square well-lit with Philips white light

    Saving you money


    Make the switch to energy-friendly white light. CosmoPolis is 30%-70% more power-efficient than other white conventional light sources, which means you’ll spend less on electricity. What’s more, the lamps retain their brightness till the end of their long lifetime, reducing maintenance and replacement costs.

    To make things even better, the bright performance of CosmoPolis means you can increase pole spacing between luminaires, reducing your initial investment.

    Philips CosmoPolis illuminates effectively a tram stop
    Exterior of a building illuminated with Philips white light

    Planet friendly lighting


    CosmoPolis makes it easier to go green. CosmoPolis uses 50% less energy than mercury vapour lighting, saving more than 100kg CO2 per lamp on an annual basis. Plus, its long life cycle means less manufacturing and recycling, and the reduced luminaire size also cuts packing and transport volume.

    Thanks to its energy saving potential, CosmoPolis has been declared a Philips Green Flagship product.

    Porto in the spotlight

    The municipality of Porto in Portugal wanted environmentally-friendly lighting that would lower energy costs, reduce maintenance, and improve ambience. MASTER CosmoWhite and MASTER CityWhite were the ideal solution. CosmoWhite saves energy and cuts CO2 emissions, and is lead-free with a low mercury content. The luminaires use PrimaVision electronic ballasts, which have a life cycle of 60,000 hours.


    The warm white has had a dramatic effect on the night-time ambience of the center of Porto. People sitting at pavement tables now feel part of the café instead of being outside, and the squares themselves seem larger and more welcoming.

    People are walking in a street lit by Philips