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    Dynalite User Interface

    The ultimate in user interface solutions – balancing aesthetics and function

    Dynalite User Interface
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        Regardless of the level of integration and range of available functions, a control system requires an intuitive end-user interface, so that users can easily schedule and activate the various control functionalities.Philips Dynalite user interfaces come in a broad range of panels, touchscreens and wiring devices – with a rich variety of styles and finishes to match any project budget, level of interactivity, or décor requirements.


        User interfaces for automation systems from standard up to premium
        Fully customizable in terms of functions and aesthetics
        Flexibly programmable during and after commissioning


        Wide choice of products for any application
        Ultimate in flexibility – various styles and finishes for consumer and commercial environments, full configurability and customization
        Wiring devices – many function types, aesthetic matching to control panels, modular design
        Panels – many different button layouts, custom engraving, programming settings within area
        Touchscreens – ultimate interactivity, intuitive thanks to custom-created screen interface, limitless décor-matching options
        Display version – Central LCD allows system information to be shown, such as temperature, time, channel level and current scene. Button function can change when navigating between the potential16 pages.


        Hospitality, retail, offices
        Public spaces and multi-purpose event centers
        Smart homes
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