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        Product family information

        Range of compact, high-efficiency, discharge reflector lamps with a stable colour over lifetime and a crisp, sparkling light


        High lamp efficacy results in low operating costs and low heat generation
        Long lamp life compared with incandescent and halogen lamps
        Stable colour impression over lifetime
        Unique design increases flexibility in application and allows powerful accents from small, unobtrusive luminaires
        Simplified luminaire design because CDM-R lamps can be used in open luminaires
        Relatively low heat output enhances comfort for shoppers and staff
        Integrated UV-Block shield reduces fading risks


        Warm or cool white colour impression with good colour rendering
        High beam intensities are achieved very easy and efficiently from these compact reflector lamps


        Shops and shop windows, offices and public buildings
        Decorative outdoor: floodlighting and pedestrian areas

        Warning & Safety

        Control gear must include end-of-life protection (IEC61167, IEC 62035)
        Use only with electronic control gear. Colour 830 lamps may also use electromagnetic gear.
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