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        Product family information

        Mains-voltage 97 mm diameter reflector lamp


        Bright, sparkling halogen light
        Convenient halogen solutions that fit in standard, existing luminaires


        Hard-glass halogen burner (linear filament) optically positioned in a parabolic, aluminium-coated pressed-glass reflector (PAR)
        Natural colour rendering
        Sparkling, crisp white halogen light
        Good luminous efficacy
        Long life (two to two and a half times the lifetime of a normal incandescent lamp)
        Spot versions have slightly stippled front glass to emphasise the sparkling reflector
        Flood versions have a faceted front glass to prevent glare and ensure a homogeneous beam distribution
        Front glass protects the lamp for safety and prevents touching and dust deposits


        Typically used for accent and display lighting in shops, especially for premium goods
        Also used as general lighting in hotels, theaters and lobby areas
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