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        Product family information

        Pressed-glass 121 mm diameter reflector lamps of high luminous intensity


        Produces the same useful light as conventional PAR lamps at 20% lower energy


        Spot versions have a stippled front reflector producing a narrow, homogeneous beam
        Flood versions have a front refractor composed of prismatic elements


        Can be used indoors and outdoors, or wherever blown-bulb reflector lamps would be too vulnerable
        Indoors: shops, window displays, homes, hotels, restaurants, theatres, museums, exhibitions and buildings
        Outdoors: floodlighting, advertising signs, buildings, statues, podiums, sports grounds, parks and gardens
        Can be installed outdoors without any protection, provided they are used in a watertight lampholder
        For outdoor use, a heat-resistant rubber ring must be fitted between the lamp and the lampholder
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