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        GreenPerform LED Highbay luminaire isbdesigned to replace traditional up to 400W HID Highbays. This advanced lighting system can deliver up to 77% energy savings. The system delivers simple, point to point replacement of up to 400W HID Highbays with three easy installation methods. The unique flat design means you have the flexibility to install by hook, pendant or bracket. GreenPerform LED Highbay will also reduce downtime. In the event of a power failure they turn on instantly, compared to the slower warm up of traditional HID lamps. They provide exceptionally high-performance in a range of applications. There are three beam shapes to choose from and the high-rack optics are engineered to illuminate vertical planes with exceptionally high accuracy


        Solid die-cast housing design ensures long fixture lifetime
        Energy efficient
        Application flexibility (hook/pendant/bracket)
        Application flexibility (multiple beam)


        Energy savings up to 77% compared to HID systems
        Long lifetime
        Comfortable light with low glare ratings
        Unique flat design for various mounting
        Wide Beam, Narrow Beam & High Rack Optic Beam


        General Industry Application
        High Rack Warehouse
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