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        With Philips GreenPerform Trunking, industry and supermarket owners have an innovative LED solution that intelligently combines high-performance lighting features with maximised energy savings. Thissolution is designed to boost productivity and enhance the shopping experience without compromising performance and energy-efficiency. Suitable for a wide range of applications, GreenPerform Trunking is safe, reliable and versatile, the perfect direct replacement for conventional fluorescent trunking.


        A system efficacy of 108 lm/w, providing up to 50% energy saving when replacing 2 x 58 w fluorescent trunking. Designed for 70% lumen maintenance over 50,000 hours, ensuring reliable performance over the product lifetime.
        Specially designed plastic caps improve uniformity along the length leading to a more uniform lighting distribution.
        3 different beam angles available (Double asymmetric/Wide-beam/Opal) enabling you to choose the most optimum solution for different applications.
        An integrated modular design with 3-phase, 5-wire connection ensuring easy and flexible installation, and the possibility of controlling each phase separately.


        Philips Fortimo LED Line 1R for high efficiency and reliability
        Advanced optics enable precise and energy-saving beam shapes
        Requires much less packaging than fluorescent


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