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    Essential Smart Bright Projector

    Essential SmartBright LED Projector – Value for money

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    Essential Smart Bright Projector
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        Product family information

        The Essential SmartBright LED Projector is a value-for-money product with high efficacy, good quality and reliability. It offers diverse configurations from 800 lm to 3,000 lm output, and has better beam performance with its lens design.It can be used in shopping centres and retail outlets. It’s an ideal product family to distribute in trade market


        Full range of lumen output from 800 lm to 3,000 lm
        Reliability and safety: meets national and international regulations
        Energy saving: High system efficacy with lower power consumption


        System efficiency: up to 85 lm/W
        CRI 80, SDCM <5
        Beam Angle: 24-degree, 36-degree
        CCT: 3,000 K, 4,000 K, 5,000 K(G.C)
        High reliability, 20 Khrs (L70B50@25 °C)
        Mounting Type: 1C Track


        Retail shop
        Fashion outlet
        Shopping centre
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