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        Express yourself. Create elegance. Add ambience and illuminate your space in pleasant, comfortable light. It is all possible with the new Philips electronic office lighting system, TBS288. By featuring a super slim design, exceptional aesthetics and ease of maintenance, we can give you the freedom to inspire and to design inexpensively in almost any general indoor application.This commodity office luminaire is fitted with T5 lamps and has a highly efficient electronic HF ballast. TBS288 is available in industrial packs (2 pieces per pack).



        Super slim ergonomic design
        High quality aluminum glossy reflectors and matt rippled louvers for optimum brightness and less glare
        Its trendy PMMA panel with patented 't Radiance' concept renders subtle luminescence suitable for various interiors
        Easy access terminal enables top-connection without detaching louvers,easing installation and maintenance


        General office spaces
        Recreational areas
        Public buildings
        Departmental stores
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