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        Product family information

        Celino is a complete luminaire range that reflects the market trend towards miniaturization and architectural integration, while delivering a significant advance in optical performance.Celino features Philips’ aluminum micro optic with 3D lamellae, which ensures optimum visual comfort and efficiency in compliance with the latest office-lighting norm (EN 12464-1).Made of natural anodized aluminum, the housing of Celino is a mere 71 mm wide and has die-cast-aluminum end caps. The design allows multiple luminaires to be connected in a line arrangement.Celino is available as a full range – suspended, surface-mounted, free-standing, recessed and wall-mounted, with a choice of TL5, TL5 Eco or LED light sources – for maximum freedom in application.


        Complete luminaire range that reflects the trend to miniaturization and architectural integration
        Excellent optical performance using optical covers for optimum visual comfort and efficiency


        Inspiring: aesthetical and novel design with visually better ceiling integration
        Comfort: spacious and pleasant environment with comfortable lighting appearance
        Efficient: high efficacy achieved with optics innovation


        Open plan office
        Meeting room
        Reception area
        Cell office
        Product family details
        • BPS680
        Light source
        • Non-replaceable LED module
        • 30 W (for LED24)
        • 52 W (for LED48)
        Luminous flux
        • 1800-4200 lm (dependant on configuration)
        Correlated Color Temperature
        • 4000 K
        Color Rendering Index
        • 80
        Maintenance of lumen output - L90
        • 25,000 hours at 25ºC
        Maintenance of lumen output - L70
        • 50,000 hours at 25ºC
        Operating temperature range
        • 25ºC
        • Built-in
        • PSU: fixed output driver, PSD: dimmable driver
        Mains voltage
        • 220-240 V / 50-60 Hz
        • DALI
        • Housing: natural anodized aluminum
        • End caps: die-cast aluminum
        • Aluminum (ALU)
        Optical cover
        • OLC micro-lens optic in polycarbonate cover (MLO-PC)
        • Opal optic in polycarbonate cover (O-PC)
        • Linear lens array optic in polycarbonate cover (LIN-PC)
        • Individual, suspended mounting with a set of two single steel-wire suspensions, with metal-like power cord, and ceiling caps
        • Fast fine adjustment with clutch device
        • Installation without removing light source and optical cover
        • W7L120: indicating same size as Celino conventional TL5 1-lamp version
        • W17L120: indicating same size as Celino conventional TL5 2-lamps version
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