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        Customers operating highly hygienic facilities require,easy-to-clean, dust-free luminaires that meet alllighting requirements and norms. The New Hygeiawith a IP40 and compliance to 1,000 – 100,000 classcleanroom makes It a good choice. The new HygeiaCR308 has a streamlined shape that minimizes dustgathering and disturbed airflow. The cleanroomluminaire uses the latest Philips LED Line platform toprovide most value for money. This means extremelylow operational cost over the total lifetime of theluminaire, and so an excellent financial return oninvestment.


        Professional design, treamlined shape minimizes dust gathering and disturbed airflow
        Reliable and sustainable lifetime
        Slim and lither, 7kgs, easy to install


        Suitable for 1,000 to 100,000 Class cleanroom
        IP40 with smooth surface and easy to clean
        30% lighter compare to the older version


        Semiconductor and electronics industry
        Pharmaceutical industry
        Food and beverage industry
        Precision instruments
        Fine mechanics
        Research and laboratories
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