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    Xitanium IP65 and IP67 drivers

    Reliable, high-performance technology for extreme LED applications

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    Xitanium IP65 and IP67 drivers
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        Product family information

        The European portfolio of Xtreme LED drivers consists mainly of build-in drivers. In some applications, it can be convenient to integrate IP65+ (independent) drivers, both within outdoor and industry segments. For that reason, a subset of the APR IP65+ driver portfolio is activated in Europe. These drivers can be used for Class-I applications only. Three categories of drivers are available: Lite programmable IP67 drivers, adjustable output current IP65 drivers and single-current (TWE) IP67 drivers.


        Ultimate robustness, energy savings through high efficiency and lower maintenance costs
        Long lifetime and high survival rate with superior thermal management and consistent waterproof performance through the lifecycle
        A balanced configurable feature set covering the most common applications
        Easy to design-in, configure and install for Class I applications


        SimpleSet®, wireless configuration interface or Digital Configuration Interface (DCI) via MultiOne interface (LP drivers)
        High surge protection
        Autonomous or Fixed time based (FTBD) dimming via an integrated 5-step DynaDimmer
        Programmable Constant Light Output (CLO)
        Long lifetime and robust protection against moisture, vibration and temperature


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