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        The new Philips Trueforce Core LED HPL lamps offer you an easy, short-payback LED solution to replace High Intensity Discharge (HID) lamps.This new generation of products brings all the energy-efficiency and long-lifetime benefits of LED to HID replacement, while providing instant saving with a low initial investment. Furthermore, they’re designed to have the same lamp size and light distribution as other HID lamps, so you will never know the difference. All thanks to our High-Power LED filament technology.Plus, its unique IP65 design means that it can be used for outdoor use as well as indoor use.


        Similar look and feel as conventional HID SON/HPL lamps
        Perfect fit in HID luminaires on existing EM ballast or mains connection
        IP65 design suitable for indoor and outdoor use


        High-power LED filament technology
        Frosted glass finish, uniform light distribution
        Compact size
        IP65 design
        2 KV surge protection


        Public urban – streets, parks, squares
        Public roads – streets, public areas
        Industrial buildings and warehouses
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