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        The new Philips Master LEDtube Mains T5 brings simplicity to your lighting project. You don't need to pay attention to the driver technology anymore. Thanks to a unique design, Philips MASTER LEDtube Mains T5 installs in luminaires operating on mains power connection. So simple to operate! Perfectly safe, reliable &and easy to install, the Philips MASTER LEDtube Mains T5 is the ideal alternative to standard fluorescent tubes to maximise value over lifetime with high energy savings and lower maintenance costs.


        Reduced operational cost thanks to lower energy consumption
        Lower maintenance cost thanks to a longer lifetime than conventional lamps
        The fastest and easiest way to upgrade existing luminaires to LEDtechnology; completely safe product and installation process


        Replacement of existing T5 lamps: operates with a mains power connection
        Energy savings compared with fluorescent tubes
        Long lifetime
        No mercury


        Offices, shops, classrooms
        Industrial facilities and warehouses
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